Why You Should Stop Working So Hard

You and I have been led to believe that hard work produces great results. If you keep you head down, work hard the results will follow. The only problem is if you look around there there seems to be more and more people with high levels of activity … [Read more]

5 Ways to Persuade with Character (Ethos)

When Nelson Mandela spoke people listened. When Winston Churchill spoke people listened. When Warren Buffet speaks people listen. When Jeff Bezos speaks people listen. When leaders speak people listen. When you speak do people listen? Do you have the … [Read more]

3 Building Blocks of Effective Persuasion

The ancient Greeks considered rhetoric an essential leadership skill. Rhetoric being the ability to inform, persuade and motivate others. It was considered so important that it was central to all Greek higher education. In ancient times rhetoric was … [Read more]