Hi, I’m George Ambler

I write about the challenges we all face in becoming better leaders, how we struggle for meaning and to make an impact on the world. My writing covers topics like creativity, productivity, mindset, and leadership.

It’s my purpose and passion to help leaders grow so they can impact and change the world around them.

Here’s what you’ll find on this blog . . .

  • Proven leadership strategies and practices to help you lead successfully in today’s rapidly changing times.
  • Inspiration and motivation to help you move from exercising leadership 20% of the time, towards exercising leadership 80% of the time. Imagine if we all made this shift, the impact on our work, in our organisation’s, in our society and in our personal life. It would be huge!
  • Actionable ideas, principles and practices to help people you improve the effectiveness of your personal, your professional life, your relationships and your influence.

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