Always Communicate the Why


Communication is most important to leaders. Leaders often spend too much time communicating the “what” and the “how” and don’t devote enough time to the “why”. The result? People are left feeling disengaged and uninspired.

Effective leaders spend time communicating the “why” – before moving on to talk about the “what” and the “how”. The result? People connect with the leaders vision, purpose and intent. 

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Leader. It Doesn’t Matter What You Know If You Can’t Communicate


Without communication you cannot lead. You just end up taking a walk on your own. Communication has been central to the “social process” of all great leaders.

“One can lack any of the qualities of an organizer – with one exception – and still be effective and successful. That exception is the art of communication. It does not matter what you know about anything if you cannot communicate to your people. In that event you are not even a failure. You’re just not there. Communication with others takes place when they understand what you’re trying to get across to them. If they don’t understand, then you are not communicating regardless of your words, pictures or anything else. People only understand things in terms of their experience, which means that you must get within their experience.” – Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals

Leaders are always communicating. Without communication leadership fails. Described below are the 8 practices that successful communicators use to engage others in their vision and move them to action.

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Taking Back Control of Your “To Do” List

To Do List

Taking a leadership role means that you’re going to have to wrestle with a large number of competing priorities each and every day. You know that without fail people are going to be demanding your time and attention. You’re going to have huge demands placed on your time. You’re going to have to deal with a large number of competing priorities. You’re going to get sucked into far too many operational issues. You get the picture, a large part of your time is not your own!

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