How each of us define success is deeply personal. We each have our own definition of success, for some success is about what we accomplish for others it’s who we’re becoming and still other it’s what we own. The central issue is not what your definition of success contains or if it’s right or wrong. Instead the central issues is have you created your own personal and organisational definition of success?

“Until you ‘figure out what success means’ to you personally and to your organisation, leadership is an almost ‘pointless conversation’, Drucker Admonished, Success Built to Last

Leadership exists within the context of vision, purpose and goals. You cannot lead unless you know where you’re going. People will not follow someone who is unsure of where they are headed. Defining success is central to effective leadership, it creates clarity as to what success looks like and how it’s measured.

“Leaders must know where they are going if they expect others to willingly join them on the journey.” – Kouzes & Posner, The Leadership Challenge

As a leader clarity on what success means for you and your organisation provides a description of what winning looks like.

  • Are you clear as to what success means for you? For your organisation?
  • Take a few minutes and write a short paragraph defining what is success to you and your organisation.
  • How could you measure this definition of success?